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Special Projects

Office Pod in Garden Heavy Haulage Site Over Cladding Pipe Lines Storage Buildings Waste Transfer Sites

These are projects and schemes that have not followed the usual Architectural processes and have involved advice and applications to Local Authorities Waste Control Agencies and Environment Agencies.

They have included advice for layout drawings and applications for Waste Transfer Stations for different clients in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. These sites have usually developed in open countryside to serve a local needs have been developed and operated by private companies seeking to develop or expand existing operations.

Another site is for the fabrication and maintenance of the worlds largest privately owned Pipelaying Fleet located in Warwickshire. The site was approved via an appeal in the early 1990’s and has expanded and changed since then.

The third site is the continual development and expansion of a Heavy haulage and storage operation in Warwickshire. Over several years this site has expanded with new parking ares, storage buildings, workshops and security fences.